Annual General and Monthly Board Meetings

Annual General Meetings

Annual Meetings held for general membership are scheduled some time after the new year.

The 2020 Annual Meeting specifics are...

Time:  7pm

Check-in: 6:30

Date:   Thursday, January 30, 2020

Location:  Memorial Drive United Methodist   Church Wesley Hall

Address:  12955 Memorial Drive 

2020 Board Meeting Minutes

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- January 2020

- February 2020

- March 2020

Monthly Board Meetings - 2020-2021
Held at Memorial Drive United Methodist Church.
Most are held in Room D205, on the east side of the campus on the second floor.  Any changes to dates or locations will be posted below and under "Announcements".
2020 Annual Meeting Handouts

- Agenda,                                 - MBCA 2019 ARC

  2019 Meeting Minutes,           Presentation 


  2020 Board Meeting Info

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