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Architectural Compliance and Submittal 

Architectural Compliance Committee


The Memorial Bend Architectural review and compliance committee is responsible for reviewing homeowners' proposed changes to their property to evaluate compliance with the Deed Restrictions and Architectural Guidelines.

Please submit applications to Leyendecker Management at: 

Please see the Governance page to view the Deed Restrictions, Architectural Guidelines and other governing documents.

Projects Requiring Approval

Project Categories Requiring Submittal for Approval 

New Construction $750 application fee + Deposit

Major Projects $650 (labor and material costs over $50,000) + Deposit

Other projects $ 250 (labor and material costs over $10,000, but under $50,000)

Minor Projects reflecting general maintenance and upkeep such as fences, painting, tree removal, roof replacement usually don't require a fee.  However, some more complicated minor project may require a $100 fee.


The committee reserves the right to classify projects without regard to the project cost in cases where the committee determines the project scope, complexity or other factors so require.

Minor Project Applications

Online submittal forms​ -
Although we believe all forms will get to the intended parties, if you have any questions about an online submittal, please reach out to Kim at Leyendecker Management or 713-975-6600.

New Construction, Major Projects & Other

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